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We're a friendly local club and would love to have you join us. Becoming a member is easy. Simply fill in the form below and send it to us. Once we’ve received your request, the Treasurer will contact you regarding payment.

If you prefer to download the form and post it to us, NCPC Membership Application (PDF).

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NCPC Membership Form
Let us know about any previous experience. It's ok if the answer in none!
I agree to my child (named below) taking part in the general activities of the club, and I agree to accept the code of conduct for parents. To my knowledge the information below is correct, and in the event of any injury, I understand that all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with the situation appropriately. I agree that it is a parental responsibility for delivering and collecting their children from the club.
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(1) As per NCPC constitution item 4b. “All new membership is subject to a probationary period, that being until such time as the application is ratified at the next scheduled Committee Meeting.” Acceptance is at the discretion of the committee. (2) You are not required by NCPC to hold an PE licence to join the club. If you would like any further information regarding PE membership please check out their website (3) Junior members will not be accepted into membership of the Club without parental consent. (4) Club insurance cover is limited to certain events, therefore members should ensure that they are adequately covered by their domestic policy in case of accident or injury.
Please note the details requested above will form the membership details for communication purposes only and under the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation this information will be administered and managed by The Club. It shall be used solely for the purposes of the Club and its members and will not be shared with Third Parties for any reason. In addition, basic members’ details (preferred telephone number / e-mail address) may be passed on to other club members, so that in the event of cancellation due to bad weather, arranging matches, transport or coordinating help running events, members can more easily contact each other. New members are asked to make their wishes known below. There is no obligation to sign, your privacy is respected. If at any point you wish to be taken off the contact list, please e-mail or ask the club secretary. From time to time, photographs may be taken at club sessions, social events and competitions. These images may be placed on our website and in social media. By signing below, you give permission for this, unless you specifically opt out by notifying the club secretary in writing.
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